Who Are We

A business development, integrated marketing and event management company based in Singapore. O&A offers business owners and top executives a comprehensive business plan and an effective execution of it, aimed at achieving the desired business goals.

O&A believes that events serve as a fundamental marketing tool for a breakthrough in a business, where it serves as a platform for face-to-face contact between companies and their clients.

Through events, many great opportunities can be created, such as;
– Establishing high-quality touch points with prospects
– Building trust with clients and establishing/developing a brand presence
– Making an impactful and memorable first impression
– Increasing the value of your products/services by providing speakers, networking opportunities and more for clients.

Every event is unique – corporate business events, associations events, consumer events and non-profitable events. O&A helps to analyse a business and develop plans to cater to their specific needs. With that, O&A can create opportunities from strengths and turn challenges into opportunities.

For more information, please visit www.oa.com.sg.