We believe staying fit and keeping a healthy lifestyle come in multitude of ways, and everyone can have their own. They can be intensive fitness regime, competitive or leisure sports, energetic dance workouts, or calming exercises for the mind & soul. No one is too young or too old to get started.
Join us as we bring together anyone who have health, sports & fitness close to their hearts. Explore our exciting line-ups now!

Raise knowledge learning from the international experts actiFIT Asia 2020 Sports & Fitness Professionals Workshops

Raise your knowledge with actiFIT Sports & Fitness Professionals Workshops

Learn first hand from international experts from the global sports and fitness industry. Keep yourself up-to-date with the latest trends and topics, and enhance your position as an industry professional or a keen enthusiast!
Health & Wellness Seminars at actiFIT Asia 2020

Learn useful and important tips from actiFIT Health & Wellness Seminars

Specially curated for EVERYONE who are keen to know how to pursue a healthier & fitter lifestyle, the seminars cover various topics providing insights and useful tips based on science and research.
group exercise masterclasses at actiFIT Asia 2020

Get moving and sweating with actiFIT Group Exercises

Gather with like-minded enthusiasts and soak yourself in exhilarating masterclasses conducted by programme creators or regional master trainers! Discover and fall in love with new workouts, and have fun burning away the calories.
watch exciting competitions at actiFIT Asia 2020

Catch all the excitement of various Sports & Fitness Competitions

Now you can watch LIVE some of the most action-packed competitions showcasing the region’s best athletes. Choose from pole fitness, bodybuilding, powerlifting, kettlebell, kickboxing, pro-wrestling and futsal, or catch them all!
actiFIT Asia 2020 marketplace

Explore interesting new products and services

Check out and have a try at the exciting range of products and services by our exhibitors and partners. Get your hands on some of the exclusive limited editions and bargains specially catered for actiFIT Asia visitors.
Equip new skills with professional certification courses at actiFIT Asia 2020

Acquire new skills through Professional Certification Courses

We are committed to bringing fitness programme that are up & coming in Singapore & Southeast Asia region, with well-structured and recognised content, and conducted by program creators or international/ regional master trainers.

Are you ready to Discover, Exchange and Experience?

Be part of the definitive health, sports & fitness expo in Asia bringing enthusiasts, professionals and businesses together.
Discover at actiFIT Asia 2020


EVERYONE can learn and gain something NEW and VALUABLE, such as practical knowledge, skills, trends, solutions, products, innovation and interests.

exchange at actiFIT Asia 2020


Meet new people or re-connect with your partners and acquaintances, and exchange thoughts, ideas, contacts and opportunities. Together we are stronger!

experience at actiFIT Asia 2020


Be part of the action directly and personally! Join our group exercise masterclasses, take part in competitions (or be witness to the amazing performances), and experiment with new products, services or programme.

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